Nextek Power Systems Participates In USGBC Upgrade

Recently, Nextek Power Systems was part of a team of companies that partnered to provide a highly efficient, low-voltage DC power grid system to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) headquarters in Washington, D.C. Grid systems distribute and manage low-voltage DC power to lighting fixtures, sensors and other electrical devices, and are so safe and flexible, they allow for the repurposing and reconfiguration of spaces without the need to rewire.

Because they are direct current, grid systems can utilize renewable energy sources, in particular solar. They also tie in to advanced controls and LED lighting, which makes operation of devices more energy efficient and easier to manage.

The USGBC project was a collaborative effort among Nextek and other industry leaders including Armstrong whose Ceiling & Wall Systems’ DC FlexZone Grid System was the platform for the technology. Nextek Power Systems manufactured the power supply modules for use in the system, Crestron Electronics provided lighting control systems  and TE Connectivity provided structured cabling and interconnects.

The DC FlexZone Grid System is a pre-engineered ceiling suspension system that provides a ready infrastructure for the delivery of low-voltage direct current power.

Nextek, Armstrong and their partners are all members of the EMerge Alliance®, an industry association that promotes the adoption of safe DC power distribution standards and use throughout commercial buildings.