Nextek Newbie: Adventures in Energy

Let's face it, until I got this job the only time I ever thought about energy was when I didn't have it, and with my yard full of tall trees, that happens more than I'd like between April and November. I don't think that makes me different from most Americans.  As I've matured I have become more aware of my consumption...turning off lights, unpluging appliances that aren't in use, switching to CF light bulbs and don't even get me started on my composting, recycling and buying local habits. Then I got this job and by "this job" I mean my job assisting the CEO of Nextek Power Systems. Suddenly I was keenly aware that not only do I not think about energy, but I knew nothing about energy either.

My first weeks here were spent Googling every other word uttered by my co-workers.  What's PV?  Is a gigawatt a lot?  AC vs. DC?  Inverters?   Thomas Edison?  I hadn't thought about him since middle school!  It's been 6 months and I am building a vocabulary, but most importantly I am building a tremendous amount of respect for energy.

There is this worldwide conversation going on about the benefits of DC energy, it started as a murmur and it's revving up to be a full-blown roar soon.  It's not just a conversation for environmentalists or third-world countries either, it's a conversation with global corporate leaders, former United States presidents, utility companies and governments.  I think we've really got something special going on here and I know that we are standing on the verge of something huge.

These next couple of years are going to be an incredible journey, one I hope you'll join us on. Become part of  the conversation, start your own adventure in energy...

I know I'm glad I did.