Stony Brook University Features Nextek's STAR Mobile Solar Unit

The State University of New York at Stony Brook's Newswise web site recently featured the Nextek Power Systems STAR Mobile Solar Unit. The story reported on Brooke Ellison, a Stony Brook professor who requires a ventilator with uninterrupted electricity production to keep her alive.

Dr. Ellison is the Director of Education and Ethics at Stony Brook University’s Stem Cell Research Facility and Associate Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development. She is allowing scientists to field-test the STAR at her home.

The testing focuses on potential equipment changes needed to secure FDA approval as a medical-grade, uninterrupted, clean-energy power resource for emergency situations when power outages may occur.

The STAR (Stationary or Transportable Available Resource) was developed by Nextek to provide power to remote locations that typically do not have regular electrical power service. Several units have been deployed in Haiti since the devastating earthquake there.

The complete Stony Brook article can be found on the Newswise web site.