Fanworks Blows the Skin Off the Rice Pudding: A Case Study in Greenhouse Ventilation

We are fortunate to have Fanworks customers all over the globe. Not every installation is “text book” and recently we had to use some creative problem solving after receiving an e-mail from a less than satisfied customer. A greenhouse owner in Southern Australia had installed one of our Vari-Cyclone fans to provide cooling and ventilation for his employees during the hot days. The initial installation was not performing as intended and they sent us an e-mail saying that the fan would not move enough air to “blow the skin off the rice pudding”! Although that’s not a phrase we use here in the United States very often, we understood the sentiment immediately.

After a number of phone calls, e-mails and photographs a solution was determined: move the fan closer to the ground. The initial installation was 9.5 feet from the ground, which in this outdoor environment was too far away. Additionally, the ceiling of the greenhouse was curved, not allowing for enough air flow above the fan. After a few modifications the Australian greenhouse owner was happy to report that not only did the fan blow the skin off the rice pudding, it blew him over, too!

Another Satisfied Customer of Nextek Power's Fanworks

Another Happy Fanworks Customer!